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Wedding Dance Lessons Prices

Wedding budgets can be blown with hidden extras, so we keep things simple - the price you see is the price you pay.
There are no additional costs for choreographers travel, VAT or deposits.

Our private wedding dance lessons are available in all UK areas. We know life is busy, so classes are scheduled for dates and times that suit you. Daytime or evening, week days or weekends. You can book your lessons to suit your lifestyle and work schedule. To avoid travelling, your choreographer can teach you in the comfort and privacy of your home or another suitable location.

Wow Your Wedding
wedding dancing lessons


Pull out all the stops and make your guests' jaws drop by being step perfect and super-slick. Wedding dance lessons to learn an unforgettable bespoke first dance with WOW factor, choreographed to match your song and ability. Plus a rehearsal to boost your confidence on the dance floor.

Five 1.5 hour dance lessons
x5 90 minutes

Plus a one hour rehearsal
x1 60 minutes

Total tuition time:
8 hours and 30 minutes


Polished To Perfection
wedding dance lessons


Wedding dancing lessons to add sparkle, making your first dance as a married couple fantastic. Learn a bespoke wedding dance, choreographed to match your song and ability. Plus a rehearsal to add confidence.

Three 1.5 hour dance lessons
x3 90 minutes

Plus a one hour rehearsal
x1 60 minutes

Total tuition time:
5 hours and 30 minutes


First Dance Fabulous
wedding dance lessons


First dance lessons for couples who wish to learn a choreographed dance to their chosen song, but don't require a rehearsal. You will learn a dance to your song which will perfectly suit your ability and natural style.

Three 1.5 hour dance lessons

3 x 90 minutes

Total tuition time:
4 hours and 30 minutes


Last Minute Lesson
wedding dance lessons


If there isn't long to go before your wedding, first dance lessons aren't out the question. In this one off confidence boosting wedding dance lesson you can learn some moves to your chosen song to recreate on the dance floor.

One 1.5 hour dance lesson

1 x 90 minutes

Total tuition time:
90 minutes


daughter father wedding dance

from £85

The Father Daughter wedding dance is a beautiful, sentimental moment, often reducing everyone to happy tears! It celebrates the importance of the relationship, whilst making wonderful memories and photo opportunities. For the bride, it is a chance to show her love and appreciation to the man who raised her. Some dads struggle with the concept of 'giving away' their daughter, so for them this dance is extremely special.

Over on our blog we have some great Father Daughter Wedding Dance ideas including songs and ideas to enhance your father daughter dance.


dance wedding entrance

from £220

Make an entrance and surprise your guests by dancing down the aisle - or raise the roof with joy and dance back down the aisle as newlyweds! Our photo shows a clients wedding entrance dance down the aisle, including her children and new step-children. She thought it was a great idea to bring the two families together, totally surprising her groom!

When planning an aisle dance it is essential to involve the person conducting the marriage, to ensure they don't deem your ideas or music choice inappropriate.


funny surprise wedding dance

from £250

Shock your reception with an unforgettable funny wedding dance surprise

Start with a slow, romantic number, lulling your guests into the idea that it's just going to be an ordinary first wedding dance. But then suddenly the music changes! Uptempo beats fill the floor, with dance moves to match.


How to book Wedding Dance Lessons

1. Decide which package of dance lessons you would like

2. Get in touch by contacting us

3. We will ask you a few questions: When is the best time for your lessons? Evenings? Daytime? Weekends?
We'll need to know your address, or the venue of your lessons, if not at home. Also, your first dance song, if you have already decided (it's fine if you haven't)

4. We will email you a Booking Form and our Terms and Conditions

5. We will get in touch with our choreographer in your area

6. Once we have some dates and times we will email them to you, to choose the ones that suit you. If they don't, we will amend them until your wedding dance lesson schedule works for you

7. When you are happy with your schedule of lessons, you can make payment to confirm them

8. If you need to cancel your lessons, you can do so with a full refund, as long as you give us 48 hours notice. Should you need to reschedule your first dance lessons, we will do our best to organise a new schedule.

Paying for wedding dance lessons
Credit card / Debit card / Direct Bank Transfer
All prices include VAT
We don't require a deposit and payment is only required once all the dates and times of your wedding dancing lessons have been arranged