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Wedding Dance Lessons FAQS

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Where do lessons take place?
For your convenience, lessons take place in the comfort of your own home. This offers you a relaxed atmosphere without distraction. It also saves you travel time in the hectic lead up to your big day.

How much space do I need?
If you both stretch your arms out to the side and turn around on the spot, as long as you don’t bump into anything, you have enough space! It's roughly 2 x 3m². More room is beneficial though, so push back the furniture to maximise your space. You've probably seen the dancers on Strictly zoom across the floor? Their costumes are light and at longest ankle length. As wedding dresses are floor length and heavy, first dances travel much less, so you don't need a lot of floor space for wedding dance lessons.

What if we don’t have enough room?
That’s fine, we can teach you in another location of your choice. You might like to use a dance studio, sports centre, village hall, function room, community centre or work space.

When will the lessons be?
Planning your wedding whilst getting on with everyday life can be REALLY hectic, so wedding dance classes are set for dates and times that suit you and your lifestyle. Weekends or weekdays. Evenings or daytimes. They don't have to all be on the same day of the week, it is fine to mix it up around your commitments.

How can I book lessons?
Organising lessons is simple, easy and quick. Just fill out a Booking Form and we’ll contact you to make the arrangements.

How many lessons will we need?
However many lessons you choose to book, your dance is always tailored to your ability, so it won’t be too difficult for you. Even if you have never danced before, you can learn your dance in 3 lessons. If you are very nervous, short on practise time or wish to make it extra special, then 4 or 6 lessons will be best for you. If you are doing a song medley opposed to just dancing to one song, we advise 4 or 6 lessons as there will be more to learn.

How much do wedding dance lessons cost?
Click here for our wedding dance lesson prices
There are no hidden costs, we don't charge extra for travel or VAT. Also, we don't take deposits.

How can I pay?
Once you are happy with the dates and times of your lessons, we will send you an invoice. Once your invoice is paid, the lessons are confirmed. We are really proud to operate in this way, as many of our competitors take full payment upfront before the dates and times have been arranged. We feel it's really important that the lesson schedule suits the couple, before they have to commit to it finacially.

What if I need to cancel or re-arrange lessons?
That’s fine! All we need is 48 hours notice and we can either re-arrange (if possible) or give you a refund.

Do you have wedding dance lessons near me?
Yes! Our lessons are available across the UK

How long is each lesson?
90 minutes (an hour and a half) It's long enough to make significant progress, but not so long you are completely exhausted, physically and mentally!

How far ahead should we take lessons?
6-8 weeks before your wedding day is ideal.  This gives enough time to learn and practice, but not so early you forget the steps. We recommend this time frame as it maximises your enthusiasm and the dance is really fresh in your mind. Ideally lessons at 5-10 days apart.
If you have less than 6 weeks until your big day, we will do our best to fit you in. We once we arranged classes with just 3 days to go! If your wedding is sometime away but you want to get things sorted, get in touch now and we will contact you at the right time.

What song should we choose?
You can choose any song you like, it is your first dance after all! Deciding on a song can be difficult, as there is so much choice. If the beat is too fast you will feel like a washing machine on spin, yet if it's too slow you will feel clumsy. If you can't decide, make a short list and we can advise and make recommendations to help you choose.

What will our dance be like?
Your wedding dance can be anything you want it to be and that is initially guided by the song you chose. As it’s your first dance, it is important that it’s created bespoke to suit you, to your preferences. If you are a blank canvas, in need of our expert guidance, that's absolutely fine. Should you have ideas or visions, they will be nurtured, to ensure you get the dance you wanted. Each dance we create is unique, tailor made to suit you.
Your lessons will result in a dance that no one has seen before or will see again. As well as your song, it will suit your ability and natural style, making you look the very best you can during your first dance. Your dance could be classic and simple, elegant and graceful, upbeat and lively or a dance extravaganza to a medley of awesome tunes… it really is your call.

What will my dance teacher be like?
Our teachers are fun, friendly and patient. They understand the needs of wedding couples and they have the expertise to get the very best out of adults who are beginners. They know you’ll be nervous and they know how to turn those nerves into confidence on the dance floor.

How much experience does my teacher have?
Our teachers are all qualified, very experienced and professionally insured. We are so proud of their credentials and the achievements they've made. Some of our teachers solely focused on dance tuition, whereas some used to perform and now teach. We also have dancers who teach in between performance contracts. It is a delight to browse through their cvs, as they sparkle with showbiz! They've performed in venues such as the O2 and Royal Albert Hall. They’ve danced for A-list celebs such as Cheryl Cole, One Direction, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Kayne West. West End shows credits include Chicago, Cats & We Will Rock You. We also have some small screen appearances in Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, Royal Variety Show, Brit Awards & Eurovision. Our teachers are professionally qualified with a professional dance teaching organisations such as (RAD) Royal Academy of Dance, ISTD (Imperial Society Teachers of Dance), IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association), BATD (British Association Teachers Dancing), NDTA (National Dance Teachers Association).

We’re really nervous and don’t want to make fools of ourselves!
That’s perfectly understandable! It's normal to be anxious about doing something you've never done before, in front of everyone you know. Just the thought can be petrifying. We ease your worries by focussing on building confidence, making sure you feel comfortable and happy on the dance floor. We’ve taught thousands of couples and on their booking forms 99% tell us they can't dance, yet if you look at our reviews you'll see their first dances went brilliantly after taking our wedding dance lessons.

We can’t dance! Can you help us?
Yes! Total beginners are our thing. If you have two left feet and no rhythm, then you've come to the right place. You don't need previous dance experience to take our lessons, as we start from scratch with beginners. We can work with any level of skill and natural ability. Our dance teachers know how to get the most from you, making you look and feel your very best on the dance floor.

We aren’t confident dancers. Can you help us?
Our lessons move at your pace and focus solely on your development. At its simplest, dancing is walking and counting with flair, so as long as you can walk and count, you’ll be fine! We've been doing this for 11 years, so you can trust us when we say “it'll be easier than you think”. Learning your first dance is very exciting, but it can be overwhelming, so we are here to teach, guide and support you every step of the way.

I really want to take lessons, but my partner isn’t keen, how can I change their mind?
Wait for the right moment and have a chat to explain the benefits of wedding dance lessons and no doubt they’ll realise for themselves what a great idea they are. Make sure they know how keen you are and that you’d really like to give it a try.

There is nothing more romantic than dancing with the person you’re in love with. Lessons are a chance to spend 90 minutes holding the person you’re about to spend the rest of your life with and laughing loads along the way. You only get one chance to dance together for the first time as a married couple. It’s a special, emotional moment, one you’ll remember forever. So if you are aren’t experienced, confident dancers, a little bit help will make sure you remember this dance of a lifetime for all the right reasons.

One really simple benefit is that dancing makes people happy. It releases endorphins and makes us glow. There’s no better way to start a marriage. We’ve all seen how devastated celebrities are when they are voted off Strictly Come Dancing, this is because dancing makes you feel incredible!

Perhaps your partner feels out of shape? Tell them not to worry, as lessons move at your pace. Lessons are really relaxed and it’s fine to take breaks. Dance is a sport, so it’s a great way to boost fitness and enjoy wellness.

Maybe they are worried about a dance disaster? It's so awkward when a couple are clearly hating their first dance. It makes everyone cringe. They are embarrassed, stumbling and avoiding eye contact. It doesn’t feel good and it looks awful. You can avoid this by being prepared in advance and having a great, confident dance ready to go on the big day.

Is the song right for them? Make sure your partner is really happy with your song, perhaps even let them choose it. The thought of dancing to a song that they absolutely adore is appealing and makes them feel involved.

Maybe they think it’ll be a waste of money? If so let them know that as long as we have at least 48 hours notice, you can get a refund on all lessons not taken. So if after your first lesson they’ve absolutely hated it*, we will happily refund you for all the subsequent lessons.
*This never happens. Typically, the reluctant partner ends up loving it more than the person who wanted to take lessons on the first place!

Perhaps they are short on time? Tell them lessons are scheduled on dates and times that suit you, so they don’t have to compromise on other commitments. Also, your dance teacher will come to you, saving you travel time.

Are they worried about what people will think? A great reason to take lessons is to put on a show for your guests to enjoy. Whether you want something simple yet stylish or a wedding dance worthy of Strictly Come Dancing, your guests will feel valued and appreciated that you have made the effort for them, especially if you aren’t experienced dancers.

How did other couples get on?
Once our couples are happily married, we always ask them what they thought of their wedding dance lessons. Unsurprisingly, they tell us that dancing on the day was amazing. However, interestingly it is the actual lessons themselves that made the most incredibly special memories. The lessons are a chance to take time out together and work on something that no one else can help (or interfere!) with. Wedding planning is hectic and often involves far more people than just you and your love. Dance lessons are a chance to break away from wedding mania, spend some time together and de-stress. The anticipation of marriage is so exciting and it’s lovely to do something private (even secret) and really connect with each other.