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We LOVE hearing from our couples after their weddings! When they send in photos, videos and messages, it makes our day. We hope you enjoy reading how their first dances went and the details of their wedding dance teachers, choreography and what happened in their wedding dance lessons. Over the past 10 years we've taught thousands of couples across the nation, here are just a few.

You Never Can Tell from Pulp Fiction
charlotte paul martin bbc flog it

"We were really happy with the experience. I can't think of anything that would have made it better. We were John Travolta and Uma Thurman for 3 minutes - and had so much fun. All the guests loved it and I think we went up in the cool stakes!"

Charlotte & Paul Martin (presenter of 'Flog It' on BBC1)

L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole
wedding dance lessons london hampstead

"We wanted a relaxed, informal approach to the dance and that was very much delivered. The experience relies on the quality of the teacher and ours was simply wonderful ~ knowledgeable, kind, fun and charming. Our aim was to enjoy the dance and show everyone how happy and in love we are. This was absolutely achieved, in fact this photo is our favourite of the whole day!"

Lizanne & Nicolas from Hampstead, London, June 2017

You Raise Me Up, Josh Groban
wedding dance lessons edinburgh

"We loved feeling we knew how to dance and that it's easy and do-able. Even for non-dancers like us!"

Ashley & Arek from Edinburgh, January 2017

Photo credit with thanks to Stuart McIntyre at Bound By Light



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Book Of Love, Airborne Toxic Event
wedding dance lessons marylebone

"It was 100% fun and not stressful at all, unlike some other wedding details! It was one of the highlights of our wedding planning process. We loved our routine. It was perfect for the music and definitely learn-able for non dancers like ourselves. I'II actually really cherish our time practising and laughing at our mistakes. Whenever one of us would forget a step, we would work together to figure it out. I just loved the process of learning together. Everyone was impressed with our effort and having the instructor come to your home is extremely convenient, no travel time required!"
Jenny & Brendan from Marylebone, London, October 2016

What A Difference A Day Makes
wedding dance lessons kingston

"We enjoyed the whole experience, knowing that we were going to do something unexpected. Our routine was perfect for the songs we chose"

Wendy & Oscar from Kingston Upon Thames, London, June 2016

They danced to 'Let The Sunshine In' by The Fifth Dimension and 'What A Difference A Day Makes' by Dinah Washington.

I Won't Give Up, Jason Mraz
wedding dance lessons birmingham

"We learnt a nicely choreographed routine adjusted to our abilities. We really enjoyed the whole process and looked forward to learning and practising every time. It is enjoyable, rewarding and a lot of fun doing the lessons"

Sophia & Stelios from Birmingham married in Cyprus, July 2016

Better, Tom Baxter
wedding dance lessons scotland

"Our choreographer understood exactly what we were after - nothing too gimmicky, sickly, technical or silly. Our guests loved it. We weren't perfect, but that's what they liked, we tried! So completing the dips and spins without carnage was a highlight"

Paul & Kirsty from Scotland, July 2016

Happy, Pharrell
wedding dance lessons london

"The classes were more fun and relaxed than I had expected, it helped being able to do it at home. Our choreographer was friendly and brought a lot of energy. It was a new experience for me and I felt less nervous on the day than I expected, given the lessons. Our experience went beyond all expectation. It gave everyone something to watch, which was not typical and we felt more comfortable doing that than if we had just done out own thing"

James & Emily from Borough, London, August 2015

Brooklyn Bridge, Lee DeWyze
balham wedding dance lessons

"Learning a first dance was one of the best things we did, it meant we didn't have to stress about it on the day and we knew exactly what we were doing. I would highly recommend it"

Katie & Tom from Balham, London, June 2015

Bare Necessities, The Jungle Book
wedding dance london

"Our choreographer was fantastic and the dance really fitted our personalities. We would recommend learning a first dance because it avoids that awkward shuffle, that the bride and groom don't enjoy and it is a bit dull to watch. Ours was really fun and unique and is one of the things people remember - everyone loved it!"

Abigail & Edward from Aldgate, London, December 2014

One And Only, Adele
wedding dance lessons london

"Practising our dance in the lead up to our wedding was a really nice way to unwind and spend some time together, during what could have been a stressful time. Our instructor was brilliant and all our guests loved our first dance. The best moment was being lifted up and hearing the big cheer!"

Anna & Daniel from Greenwich, London, April 2013

Their wedding day was featured on Rock My Wedding

Sexy And I Know It, LMFAO
wedding dance lessons leyton london

"Me and my husband have nothing much to say except it was superb and fantastic! We are sooo happy and impressed on how our choreographer managed to teach us. Both me and my husband do not dance really well but she is superb and chooses the right steps for us. Thank you so much for all the help, our deepest thanks for being such a lovely choreographer."

Erica & Roji from Leyton, London danced to Grow Old With You' by Daniel Padilla and 'Sexy And I Know It' by LMFAO! June 2013

Pencil Full Of Lead, Paulo Nutini
london first dance lessons

"We had loads of fun learning the routine and practising it. Even when we were stressed about wedding planning, doing our dance just made us smile. Our choreographer was a brilliant teacher and a really lovely, inspiring person. When we performed it, we enjoyed shocking everyone! My new mother-in-law thought I was dancing with someone else as 'he doesn't dance'!!"

Miranda and Graham from Paddington, London, April 2014

I Do It For You, Bryan Adams
wedding dance lesson london

"It was good fun to do something together and find out we weren't too disastrous after all! It was just what we wanted, nice and simple and short. Our choreographer listened to what we wanted and was very patient and practical, giving us helpful tips without overloading us with information. Our wedding dance lesson made us look forward to our first dance, rather than dread it!"

Jennie & Mark from Balham, London, October 2014

Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
wedding dance lessons st neots

"It was just what we wanted, we are so glad we found you. Our choreographer was fantastic, the lessons were fun and the end result was perfect. Doing this as a couple was a real bonding experience."

Simon & Jenny from St Neots, Cambridgeshire, August 2015

Come What May from Moulin Rouge
wedding dance lessons hampshire

"It was very enjoyable actually learning how to dance with each other, something we had never done before. Performing the dance was amazing, as none of our guests had any idea and they were all stunned!"
Andrea and Chris, Waterlooville in Hampshire, July 2014

I'm A Believer, Smash Mouth
wedding dance lessons taunton

"Our choreographer was very relaxed and encouraging, it was a fun experience throughout! Learning a dance is something enjoyable to do as a couple, when things can be a little stressful before the wedding".

Julia and Craig from Taunton, April 2012

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
wedding dance lessons halesowen

"We were really happy with our first dance classes, they were good fun. The best moment was when I picked my wife up at the end with everyone clapping and cheering. We were smiling and laughing the whole way through our choreographed dance, much better than a sway".

Lee and Rachael from Halesowen, December 2011

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, Aerosmith
wedding dance lessons swindon

"Our choreographer was great to work with. The comments we received from our guests were amazing. Simon's Dad said he never expected to see him dance like that, ever!"

Leanda & Simon from Swindon, August 2016

Your Song, Elton John
london first dance classes

"Our first dance was one of our favourite moments on our wedding day! Our guests were amazed we could dance so well. We would like to thank our brilliant dance teacher for helping us."

Conny & Louis from Chelsea, London, July 2015

At Last, Etta James
wedding dance lessons

"It was nice to learn something that will stay with us forever. We would actually like to continue with dancing lessons at some point. It was a wonderful thing to do together as a couple"

Natalie and Dominic from London, December 2015

Amazed, Lonestar
wedding dance lessons salford

"Our wedding dance lesson greatly surpassed our expectations and we were thrilled with our simple, yet amazing routine. From booking to the end of the lesson, we were 100% impressed and would recommend Wedding Day Dance UK to our friends and family"

Hayley & James from Salford, July 2015

You Are The Best Thing
wedding dance lessons orpington

"When learning our dance we felt it was good to be in our own home and not a class full of people, as it helped build our confidence. We would recommend learning a first dance as it helps with nerves and makes you feel more comfortable on the dance floor."

Anna & Peter from Orpington danced to 'You Are The Best Thing' by Ray Lamontage. July 2013

Baby I'm Yours, Arctic Monkeys
wedding dance lessons aylesbury

"Our choreographer was prepared and full of ideas. She was quick to work out what we felt comfortable doing and made changes accordingly. She made the lessons fun and was patient and encouraging. Although we were nervous, we had many comments from our guests about how good it looked"

Gemma & Owen from Aylesbury, August 2014

Dream Catch Me, Newton Faulkner
wedding dance lessons batley

"Our choreographer was brilliant and managed to overlook our complete inability to dance! We were so happy with the style she choreographed, as we wanted something traditional but not stuffy, with a bit of flashy thrown in and that's what we got."

Kate and Ben from Batley, West Yorkshire, October 2014

All You Need Is Love, The Beatles
wedding dance lessons harrogate

"We ended up with a song and dance that really suited our personalities, it was incredibly fun and all our guests loved it"
Iris and Dan, Harrogate, July 2014

A Whole New World from Aladdin
wedding dance lessons luton

"Our teacher was brilliant, she paid attention to detail, planned the lessons really well and put a lot of effort in. I was nervous but she made me feel comfortable and at ease. It was great when everyone cheered 'woo' or 'ahhh' and when we had a huge positive at the end!"

Hayley and Keith from Luton, September 2012

So Close, Jon McLaughlin
bahamas wedding dance

"Our first dance completed our wedding in the Bahamas perfectly. Words cannot thank you enough to how you put some magic and enjoyment into our dance, which was something we had almost been dreading."

Sarah and Seb, March 2013 

Especially For You & surprise Bangra
indian wedding bangra dance

"Our choreographer discussed how we envisaged our dance to be and when we wanted to change something she worked with us to make it happen. Our dance got an amazing reaction, it was brilliant and exhilarating experience."

Erin and Indy, May 2013

You Do Something To Me, Paul Weller
wedding dance lessons sevenoaks

"Our first dance class was to a high standard and our teacher was excellent at interpreting what style and level we were comfortable with. The best aspect of our lesson was the confidence boost it brought. The lesson was good value for money, with an easy system for booking."

Becky and Nick from Sevenoaks, November 2012

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
wedding dance lessons harpenden

"We really enjoyed our dance lessons, our teacher was absolutely excellent. Our routine was very good indeed, we liked the style and flow. We enjoyed the special chance to dance together and be helped to develop our first dance in the surroundings of our own home. It's a moment we will always cherish, knowing our guests enjoyed it so much."

Jo and Julian from Harpenden, July 2012

Do You Feel Me, Anthony Hamilton
wedding dance lessons

"Our dance teacher was great fun and a pleasure to be around. It felt easy and natural, we loved learning 'the dip'. The wedding dance lessons made us feel comfortable on the dance floor and we weren't dreading it like I think we would have otherwise"

Lauren & Tom from Highbury, London, October 2016



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Hold My Hand, Jess Glyn
gay same sex wedding dance

"Our choreographer prepared a great (easy) dance for us. She reminded us it should be fun! We laughed lots and had a great time. Our friends loved it and it was a perfect way to start the night of dancing!

Mark & Steven from Hove, July 2016

You Make Me Feel So Young, Frank Sinatra
wedding dance lessons croydon

"We were really happy with our routine and choreography. Our choreographer was amazing. Very professional but friendly and encouraging. It was a lovely way to share our happiness with everyone we love"

Nadia & Jorge from Croydon, June 2016

Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran
wedding dance lessons cardiff

"Our choreographer devised a brilliant first dance for us. It caused great humour from our family and friends on the day, as it was a surprise"

Rosie & Simon from Wales, July 2016

Sweet Love, Anita Baker
wedding dance lessons hurley

"Our choreographer was fantastic and the style was lovely and romantic. The classes were more fun and less scary than we expected. For us the best part was enjoying the fun of practising the dance together"

Chloe & Gary from Hurley, October 2015

Chandelier, Sia
kent wedding dance lessons

"We really enjoyed our first dance as we were so confident about what we had learnt. Our dance made our wedding unique and the response we got from our guests was amazing!

Tony & Kelly from Kent, July 2015

Real Love, Tom Odell
wedding dance lessons wiltshire

"We had a great time learning the steps in our dancing lesson. The lifts were fab and made the dance."

Skye and Rob, Wiltshire, April 2015

Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Areosmith
wedding dance classes salford

"We absolutely loved our experience with Wedding Day Dance UK. We enjoyed learning our unique routine, which was a massive surprise to all our guests, as no one knew we had learnt a dance, so it was very special. The single best part was definitely the lift! It felt incredible and everyone loved it."

Lyndsey and Jamie from Salford, March 2013

Wedding Samba, Edmundo Ros
wedding dance lessons london greenwich

"During our lesson we covered an amazing amount in a short space of time. On the day we looked forward to our dance as we knew people would be surprised and we were confident that it would look good."

Louisa & Paul from Greenwich, London, October 2013

You're All I Need To Get By, Marvin Gaye
wedding dance lessons burton on trent

"Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons. Our instructor was friendly and very professional. She taught us a fabulous routine with two lifts, which wowed our guests! The first dance was a huge success, the lessons played a huge part in giving us the confidence to do it. Thank you!"

Abigail and Paul from Burton-On-Trent, December 2012

At Last, Etta James
first wedding dance london

"Our first dance was amazing! So happy with the routine. Our dance teacher was an excellent instructor and everyone was impressed on the day."

Nadia & Daniel from London, December 2012

Save The Last Dance For Me
wedding dance lessons oxford

"Our choreographer was great fun! We really enjoyed our first dance and felt we would have loved to do it all over again. It is a very special day so worth taking the trouble to learn to dance together well"

Lorraine & Barry from Oxford, July 2016

Book Of Love, The Airbourne Toxic Event
wedding dance lessons surrey

"Our dance teacher was absolutely incredible: she was so fun and easy to work with, explaining the moves and demonstrating them to us as many times as we needed. She was endlessly patient with us and made sure that our first dance was enjoyable for us as well as our guests!"

Faye & Scott from Surrey, September 2015

That's Amore, Dean Martin
wedding dance lessons worthing

"We were pleasantly surprised at how relaxed and informal our wedding dance lessons were. The best thing about performing our dance was everyone's reaction at the end. We had kept it a secret and they were suitably impressed!"

Nicky and John from Worthing, June 2013

Moon River, Andy Williams
wedding dance lessons stockport

"We were very happy with the style of our wedding dance routine. Our lessons were really good fun and took our minds off wedding planning!"

Liz and Robert from Stockport, March 2013

You've Got The Love
funny surprise wedding dance

"I bought the lesson as a surprise for my wife (then fiancée) as a surprise present, which she was delighted with, as it was so enjoyable. It gave us the confidence and moves we needed. Without the lesson we would have just bumbled around."

Paul and Lisa from Basingstoke, June 2012

Nothing's Gonna Change My Love
wedding dance classes wiltshire

"Learning a choreographed first dance gave us confidence. The style and choreography were just what we hoped for, which made our first dance together special and memorable. Our wedding dance teacher was friendly and patient, we would definitely recommend wedding dance lessons".

Sharon & Sesan from Wiltshire, April 2008

Breathless, Shane Ward
wedding dance lessons slough

"We wanted to do so something with our first dance, instead of just swaying to and fro. We enjoyed the whole experience and would do it again in a heartbeat" Tina and Mark, Slough, November 2013