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Christmas Wedding Dance Songs

on 21/11/2016

Christmas wedding dance songs for festive first dances

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Getting married at the most magical time of year means your big day will sparkle with celebration. The dance floor at a Christmas wedding is quite different to that of weddings during the rest of the year. People are generally more excitable at Christmas. That excitement combined with the romance of a winter wedding gets guests into the party spirit with very little encouragement! Christmas music builds a wonderland ambience and the choices of style are so varied. You can get romantic with Sinatra, have fun with Mariah, be modern with Scouting For Girls. If you are considering a non-traditional first dance, this a great time of year to get hitched. You can get away with more at Christmas, as it's such a jolly time of year. For a really wonderful dance, you might like to book some wedding dance lessons to learn a first dance created to suit your ability, song and festive theme.

There are so many great Christmas tunes that are ideal for first wedding dances. Currently our favourite is 'Christmas in the Air (Tonight)' by Scouting For Girls. It's a cracking Christmas tune, lyrically beautiful and ideal for wedding dances. But it's also catchy, with an easy-to-hear beat and lovely acoustic rhythm. Being a new-ish Christmas song (it was released in 2015) means it hasn't been overly played, so your wedding dance will feel fresh and unique.

Choosing a Christmas wedding dance song is fun, as there are loads of brilliant songs to choose from. Scroll through our playlist and listen to our favourite festive first dance tunes. Let's get your party started!

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas first dance songs
Christmas wedding dance songs