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Father Daughter Wedding Dance

on 19/06/2015

Father Daughter Wedding Dance

Celebrate the unique father daughter relationship, with a special wedding dance. Our private lessons are available nationwide and no dance experience is required to learn a wonderful father and daughter dance. It's the perfect way to show the love and appreciation for each other. The Father Daughter Wedding Dance is a magical little part of the day that celebrates the relationship between a Daddy and his girl. The dance delivers sentiment in tonnes, reduces the guests to happy tears and creates wonderful memories (and photographs!)

For the bride, it is a chance to show everyone how much she loves her Dad and how special and important he is. However, for the Father, it can often have a more significant meaning. Many men find it difficult to walk their girl down the aisle and 'give her away', understandably so as after all, he did love her first. Spending a few moments on the dance floor together in front of everyone, can really put a Dad's mind at rest, make him feel special and realise he hasn't lost his little girl, she still loves him and needs him, just as much as she always did.

In the past this dance was often considered an American tradition, but those days have gone. Each year at Wedding Day Dance UK we take more father and daughter dance lesson bookings than we did the previous year. It's a great way to add personality to your big day, which is bang on trend right now. Also, the undeniable rise of YouTube may have contributed, providing visual inspiration to wedding couples. Either way, it's great to know that more Daddies and their girls are taking to the dance floor, because it's a dance full of love and that is what the best weddings are all about.

Simple ideas for an amazing Father Daughter Wedding Dance

  • A mirror ball, confetti explosion, balloon drop or professional bubble machine can be really effective in a 'happiness raining down on us' kind of way. But do consider the slip risk of using bubbles..
  • For a dream-sequence effect, consider 'dancing on a cloud' with a blast of dry ice. If you don't fancy chilly feet, a starlit dance floor adds a magical touch.
  • This sentimental dance is a tear jerker at the best of times, but add a big screen slide show and there will not be a dry eye in the house. It can be done with a laptop or tablet and use either a big screen or a white wall with a projector. The idea is that the Father and Daughter dance in front of the slide show, which is full heart warming photos from the brides childhood.

Blended family etiquette
What is the father daughter dance etiquette for brides with non-biological father figures? Well, as we know, this dance is about love. So the bride should dance with the man who loved her like a dad, who did the things a dad should do. Only the bride can decide who she wants to dance with, because only she can know truly who was 'like a dad' to her, regardless of whether he was her biological father.

How about the brides with more than one father figure? Perhaps her parents split up and although her Daddy did a great job, her step-dad was brilliant too? And maybe Granddad was amazing also. What a lucky girl. Why not dance with all 3, one after the other? The key to making this scenario work, is to choose the men in an appropriate order, for example, if your biological father had always tried his very best, it would be painful for him if you danced with your step-dad first. Also, keep it short and sweet, around one minute per partner, otherwise your guests attention will wander and the sentiment will have less impact.

A father daughter wedding dance with a man who isn't actually your biological father, is incredibly special. When a man finds new love with a woman who already has children, it is his choice to take on the family, it isn't necessarily the choice of the children. But to ask him to dance on your wedding day, that is your choice. It shows him that you chose him right back and perhaps that is stronger than biology.

Father Daughter Wedding Dance Songs
Typically the most popular songs for this dance are sweet and sentimental, but if that doesn't suit your relationship, choose a song that captures you and what you are about. We once taught a dad and his girl to a song by Jefferson Starship called Sara, because he had named her exactly that. So think back to days gone by, as a personal song with special meaning will make your Father Daughter wedding dance even more memorable.

It's important to know that a Father Daughter Wedding Dance does not have to be serious. It can be any style you want it to be. It's your Dad Daughter Dance after all and there are no rules. This video is the perfect example of a non-traditional option. Over 15 million viewers have watched these two on YouTube, having having the time of their lives on the dance floor!

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