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Wedding dance lessons in London to Everything by Michael Bublé

on 24/06/2015

Wedding dance lessons in London to Everything by Michael Bublé

Meet Gemma and Oliver AKA the brand new Mr and Mrs Jenkins! They had always enjoyed dancing together, so they knew they wanted their first dance to be a highlight of their wedding day. Our happy couple had chosen 'Everything' by Michael Bublé, which is an excellent first dance song. As they are based in the capital, they took wedding dance lessons in London, before jetting off to their destination wedding in Malta.

Now back home and enjoying life as newlyweds, we caught up with Gemma to find out about their experience, from dance lessons through to their first wedding dance.
But more of that later, for now is the time to press play, sit back and enjoy the dancing dream that is Mr and Mrs Jenkins first dance as husband and wife!

Aren't they just lovely? We couldn't be prouder. Gemma is so elegant, whilst Oliver is great at leading her in perfect time with the music. It's plain to see that they had spent time rehearsing, to dance their bespoke choreography to the best of their abilities. But we don't love it because of their fancy footwork, we love it because they look so confident, relaxed and happy, but most of all, so in love. There is just one more thing that needs a special mention, their guests. Every now and then we catch snippets, exclaiming 'wow' and 'ahhh' and of course their laughter and cheers. They are loving it. Isn't that special? There was a lot of love in the room that night.

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So now over to the bride herself. Here's Gemma to tell us all about her first wedding dance experience:

How did your dance lessons go? Was there anything about them that surprised you?
The lessons were great and our choreographer was fantastic. She based the dance around our abilities and if something wasn't working well, she changed it to something else. If we forgot any moves between lessons, she was very patient. We got through so much in each lesson that we were able to tweak earlier moves to be slightly more difficult and impressive, as we got more comfortable with the dance routine. We were a little surprised by how quickly we got straight into learning our dance. I thought the first lesson would start with a chat and maybe learning some basics that would be incorporated. But instead our choreographer had already planned quite a large amount based on our ideas, which we had included on our booking form, so we got stuck in straight away!

Were you happy with the style of your routine and the choreography?
Yes. It suited our personality and the style of dance we originally asked for. If we weren't too sure about the choreography, it was changed or tweaked to be more of what we wanted.

What did you enjoy about learning and performing your first dance?
It was really nice to have something to do together during the wedding planning, as Oliver was not hugely involved in the rest of the planning process. We used to ballroom dance together at University and it brought back a lot of lovely memories, especially in the run up to the wedding when most of the planning was finished.

Would you recommend learning a wedding dance to others?
Definitely! It was so much better than just slow dancing to a 3-4 minute song, with everyone watching the awkward shuffle around the dance floor. It was a lot of fun to do something different and see everyone's reaction.

We had a slight hiccup on the day, where the skirt of my dress (which was bustled) came down, so I ended up dancing the last section with my train on the floor. I wish I had practised in my dress ahead of the first dance, to see how the dress moved along to the dance steps, so I would recommend futures brides should do that.

What was the single best moment for you throughout your lessons or dancing on the day?
We didn't tell any of our guests about the dance, so it was a complete surprise to everyone and hearing them cheer us on once they realised what was happening was fantastic!

A HUGE thanks to Gemma & Oliver, for sharing their wedding dance. No doubt their classic and romantic dance floor début as husband and wife will inspire couples to follow in their (dance) steps. We wish them all the happiness in the world!

Photo credit - Rene Rossignaud

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