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Wedding Dance Lessons At Home
wedding dancing lessons

Avoid the awkward 'shuffle in circles' first dance and book our wedding dance lessons. You'll learn some moves to be proud of in your private dance lessons, which are available in all UK locations. Life is busy, so classes are scheduled to suit you. We'll make sure your first dance is the best dance of your life, boosting your confidence whilst teaching you to dance.

Lessons Scheduled To Suit Your Lifestyle
wedding dance lessons

Every lesson was great fun and we were always laughing. Learning a dance was one of the best things we did, as it meant we didn't stress about it. Dancing on the day was amazing, we just forgot about everyone else and enjoyed the moment for the two of us.

Katie & Tom from Balham, London

Wedding Dance Choreography
wedding dance choreography

For your convenience, one of our qualified professionals can teach your wedding dancing lessons in your home (or another suitable location of your choice) on dates and times that suit you and your lifestyle.

What We Do

We teach wedding dance classes for the 'first dance' at weddings. Our couples can choose any song and we teach them to dance to it. Most of our couples have no dance experience at all and that's absolutely fine! Our amazing dance teachers are fabulous at working with beginners and bringing out the best in them.

If you have an unusual idea, we are happy to work with you on a bespoke basis. Increasingly couples request funny wedding dance surprise routines!

For all your wedding dance enquiries please get in touch with us and we will get you dancing!

How We Do It

We know life is busy, so your wedding dance lessons can be scheduled around your other commitments. It's no problem if your schedule doesn't have a regular pattern, or if you have appointments to work around. Lessons can be planned for day times and evenings, weekends and weekdays.

For your comfort, convenience and to save your travel time, one of our choreographers will teach you in the comfort of your own home. However, if you don't want lessons at home, it is absolutely fine to have your lessons at another location of your choice.

Our Service

We take customer service very seriously, as we totally appreciate that planning your wedding is hard work. When you have a million things to do, the last thing you need is bad service. We organise wedding dance lessons from our Head Office, where the dedicated staff are passionate about ensuring the planning process is smooth and simple. Our booking system is designed to be personal yet quick and effective. However, if you do want to spend some time working through your wedding dance ideas and asking questions, we are more than happy to help and advise. 

Wedding dance classes to suit your lifestyle

As the leading national wedding dance specialist, each year we teach hundreds of couples to dance. We know that planning your wedding whilst getting on with everyday life is BUSY. It's hectic yet exciting, but mad. We make your life easier by scheduling your first dance lessons around your lifestyle.

Private first dance lessons by qualified wedding dance teachers

It is really important that your first dance is about you, so we only offer private lessons. Right from the start, the sole focus of your wedding specific tuition is getting you prepared for your dance, whilst having loads of fun along the way. The calibre of our dance teachers is impressive and they are all qualified, experienced and professionally insured. Working with wedding dance couples who are beginners requires a specific teaching style. If you think about it, as adults how often do we learn a brand new skill to showcase to everyone we know? Our dance teachers are experts in this field, they understand how you will feel and teach with patience and encouragement. They will challenge you, within the safe environment of your home, enabling you learn effectively, building your confidence and progress. Essentially, they are friendly, fun and LOVE teaching wedding dance lessons. Learn bespoke wedding choreography in our wedding dance classes. Your first wedding dance should be as unique as you are. Our bespoke choreography will amaze your guests and create a wonderful wedding memory. It will be designed to make you look (and feel) your very best. Classes move at your pace, resulting in a first dance that suits your song, natural style and ability. Each dance is choreographed especially to suit you perfectly, tailor-made so your first dance is the very best it can be. Wedding dance lessons for beginners (and those with two left feet) Some of our customers tell us they are novice, with two left feet and no rhythm. Others say they are complete beginners with absolutely no dance experience. Occasionally couples have danced in the past, sometimes one partner has danced a lot more than the other. Our choreographers have worked with all abilities, so there's no need to worry, even if you haven't danced before. We have taught people with disabilities and medical conditions. We are happy to work with EVERYONE regardless of ability, nerves or left-footed-ness. It won't be too difficult and will suit you perfectly, so you can enjoy dancing on your wedding day feeling confident, relaxed and most importantly happy!

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Do we need wedding dance lessons?

why do we need wedding

Why do we need wedding dance lessons?

There is no doubt about it, wedding planning is a BIG job. With a never ending to-do list, many couples think dance lessons are a hassle they could do without.
But what if we told you the benefits stretch far further than fancy footwork?

CRINGE! There is nothing worse than watching a couple who are clearly hating their first dance. They are stumbling all over the place, avoiding eye contact and are bright red with embarrassment. It doesn't look good and it doesn't feel good either. Avoid a dance disaster and find your confidence with wedding dance lessons.

WEDDING DANCE SONG Choosing your perfect wedding dance song can be a nightmare as there is so much choice. If the beat is too fast you will feel like a washing machine on spin, yet too slow and you will feel awkward. We can advise you on which songs are perfect for dancing in a wedding dress.

TOGETHER TIME Wedding planning is stressful and often involves far more people than just you and your love. Dance lessons are a chance to break away from wedding mania, spend some time getting up close and personal whilst having a laugh and de-stressing at the same time.

IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS Whether you want something simple yet stylish or a wedding dance worthy of a Strictly Come Dancing appearance, your guests will feel valued and appreciated that you have made the effort to put on a bit of a show for them.

ONE FIRST DANCE, ONE CHANCE You will only dance together for the first time as husband and wife once. It is a really special moment, full of emotion, excitement and anticipation for the future. Make it count by doing a really great dance together. A dance that is choreographed means it will be bespoke to your individual style, song and ability, which will make you look your very best.

ROMANCE There is nothing more romantic than dancing with the person you love. The excitement will be at a high as you practice together, looking forward to when you'll be dancing it on the day, the first time as a married couple.

So if you want to experience a fantastic first dance, check out our wedding dance lessons. Our lessons are private and available across the UK, they are scheduled for dates and times that suit you. Get in touch! Your wedding will thank you.