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Along with the rest of the world, we have made some changes as a result of the Coronavirus situation. At the moment our wedding dance lessons are taking place as planned, as we don’t have any dance teachers or couples in isolation. Obviously this could change at any moment, so we have prepared a plan to deal with it, as and when situations change. We are keeping a close eye on Government advice and have instructed our dance teachers to do the same. Teachers will ask to wash their hands on arrival and also when they leave your class. They may use anti-bacterial skin products during the lessons. Teaching dance can involve physical contact between teacher and student, therefore, we have asked the teachers to limit this as much as possible.
We have made a significant change to our Terms and Conditions to help our customers protect themselves physically and financially. Before today couples had to give us 48 hours notice of a lesson cancellation to receive a refund for that lesson. From today we have changed this to 24 hours notice. This means if you need to cancel lessons, as long as you give us at least 24 hours notice, we will refund you the amount you paid for that class.
It could be that our customers need to self-isolate but would like to re-schedule dance lessons for later dates. In this situation we will do our very best to organise that. It could be that couples are perfectly fine, but that their wedding has to be cancelled or postponed because it’s in a country that is in lockdown or a wedding venue that has been effected. We operate our business in a very personal, friendly and flexible way. If you have concerns about your wedding dance lessons, please give us a call and we can discuss your thoughts and work out the best way forward.

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Wedding Dance Lessons

When you take to the dance floor as newlyweds, it should be your BEST. DANCE. EVER. To make sure your moment runs smoothly, we create bespoke first wedding dances to any song you choose. Every dance is carefully tailored to suit the couples ability, song and natural style. You only have one first dance as a married couple and we will make sure you feel amazing on the dance floor, leaving your guests wanting more!

Learn an amazing first wedding dance in the privacy of your own home (or another suitable dance space). Our lessons are ideal for beginners, as no previous dance experience is required. Your first dance lessons are scheduled around your lifestyle, on dates and times that suit you. As the leading national first wedding dance specialist, we've taught thousands of couples. One of our qualified professionals will make sure your first dance is the best dance of your life, boosting your confidence whilst teaching you to dance. Classes are fun and at your pace.

It's All About You

It's really important that your dance is all about you, so we only offer private first dance classes. Right from the start, the sole focus is getting you prepared, whilst having load of fun. Your first dance should be as unique as you are, so your choreography will be bespoke to you. It will be designed to make you look (and feel) your very best during your wedding dance. Classes move at your pace, resulting in a dance that suits your song, natural style and ability. Your first dance will suit you perfectly, impress your guests and create wonderful memories.

Our Amazing Dance Teachers

The calibre of our dance teachers is impressive. They are all qualified, experienced and professionally insured. Effective first dance lessons require a specific teaching style, because as adults we rarely learn brand new skills to showcase to everyone we know! Therefore wedding dance teachers must be patient and encouraging, showing couples to manage their nerves as well as teaching them to dance. Our teachers are experts in this field, they understand how you will feel. They will challenge you, within the safe environment of your home, enabling you learn effectively, building your confidence and progress. Most importantly they are friendly, fun and LOVE teaching first dance lessons.

Perfect For Beginners

Our wedding dancing lessons are ideal for beginners (and those with two left feet!) Most of our customers say they are nervous and can't dance. Others say they have no dance experience, but they are enthusiastic. Occasionally couples have danced in the past, sometimes one partner has danced a lot more than the other. Our choreographers have worked with all abilities, so there's no need to worry. We have taught people with disabilities and medical conditions. We are happy to work with EVERYONE regardless of ability, nerves or left-footed-ness. As each dance is bespoke, it won't be too difficult and will suit you perfectly, so you can enjoy dancing on your wedding day feeling confident, relaxed and most importantly happy!