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Find your perfect first dance song from our list of the best tunes out there. Our collection is the ideal starting point for your first dance song search, as we have got hundreds of ideas for you. Split into different styles of wedding dance, we have something for everyone. Choosing a first dance song can be a bit of a self-conscious process, as it is a musical expression of your relationship. The style, artist, lyrics, beat and feel of the song will reflect how you feel about each other. Music creates atmosphere and sets a scene, so the type of song you choose can make your day more personal, more 'you'. Choosing the music for wedding dances can be tough as there is so much choice. If you are having trouble deciding on a song, talk to us about it when you book your wedding dance lessons and we can use our professional expertise to help you decide which wedding dance song is perfectly 'you'.

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We asked some of our professional choreographers for wedding dance song advice, this is what they said...

"It's lovely when a couple say the lyrics of their song reflect their relationship. However, I once taught a couple who wanted to jazz up their dance with a snippet of Single Ladies. Because Beyonce sings about putting a ring on a finger, they thought it was a brilliant idea... until I explained to them that the lyric actually reads 'If you liked it then you SHOULD HAVE put a ring on it'! By Wendy, one of our choreographers in Manchester

"Don't think that you have to settle on one song. In my own first dance we started with a short formal piece to 'Moon River' by Andy Williams. Our second song was 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz and all our guests joined us. It was lovely to see all our guests dancing together, plus it got everyone on the dance floor."

By Amy Nelson, Director of Wedding Day Dance UK

"For me a personal song is always best, a song you heard when you first met or on your first date. A story behind why you chose the song is always a great one too." By Kerry, one of our wedding dance choreographers in Hertfordshire