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Mash up your first wedding dance by starting with a slow romantic song, lulling your guests into the idea that you are just doing a standard first dance. All of a sudden disaster strikes when your CD screeches to a halt...

But then SURPRISE! Suddenly the bride and groom break out a crazy over-the-top dance routine to a song the guests would never imagine being used for a first dance! This type of first dance is best when the songs completely clash, creating a fantastic surprise dance mash up!

funny wedding dance surprise

Surprise first dances have become popular throughout the UK, thanks to some very funny videos on YouTube. Some of the best examples show couples surprising their wedding guests with hilarious dance moves and unexpected song choices. Thanks to YouTube and Glee the idea of mashing up songs for wedding dances have become more established in the UK. We like to call it 'wedding dance mash up' but it's also known as bootleg, blend or mesh.

The best funny wedding dances have excellent choreography, timing and confidence. So we advise that you will need either four or six sessions, being our Polished To Perfection and Wow Your Wedding packages. Read more about all our packages at wedding dance lesson prices


To mash up your wedding dance you will need to choose at least two songs, one slow and romantic and one fast and funny. The most common misconception is that these two songs need to 'go together', actually the best mash ups are when the songs clash.


A surprise mash up works best when the songs are mixed or edited to be one track, as then the comedy timing is perfect and you can practice and rehearse to your music. We advise against DJs manually switching tracks as it will take too long and the comedy timing will be lost, as it can result in a pause between tracks giving the impression the dance is over and and your guests attention will wander. There are many ways to get music mixed, it's quite possible to do it yourself with the correct software or your DJ may be able to do it for you.

Thanks to My Wedding Dance Coach in Denver, USA for sharing their fabulous Michael Jackson-esque image.

surprise wedding dance

Erin and Indy were delighted with the funny wedding dance we choreographed for them. Here's Erin's first dance story...

"I had just surprised the guests by changing from my lovely wedding dress into my beautiful Indian sari. We started our first dance with 'Especially For You' by Kylie and Jason by shuffling around looking a little bit embarrassed. Suddenly the music screeched to a halt, causing the guests to look around in confusion, whilst together with our DJ we pretended to look horrified. Then the intro to our Indian bangra song kicked in, the beat dropped and we began our amazing choreographed routine. Our guests shock quickly changed to whoops and cheers! The best moment was when Indy spun and dipped me perfectly in time and we kissed whilst everyone went wild!


wedding bangra Bangra first dance

We finished our 'choreographed bit' halfway through the record to allow everyone to join us on the dance floor - we had thought everyone would need some persuasion to join us, but it was a dance floor invasion! Everyone from grannies to toddlers piled on all getting down with bangra moves. Utterly brilliant!"


The bride and groom start their first dance normally, to a slow romantic song. Just as the song gets going the music suddenly stops, as if the cd has broken. The couple look confused and disappointed that their first dance has been ruined. But then out blasts an unexpectedly fast and funky song to which they bust some crazy, high octane moves. The change of the music surprises the wedding guests who cheer and laugh, making it a memorable and amusing way to get the wedding reception party started.

How to structure a Funny First Wedding Dance

Part 1 - The start

Any slow, romantic song works for the first part of the dance, as you are lulling your wedding guests into thinking it is just a normal first dance. This is an opportunity to choose a song that is meaningful to you as a couple. Make sure you listen to the lyrics to check they are suitable and not about heartache, it's surprising how many 'love' songs aren't about being in love at all!

Part 2 - The middle

Shock the reception!

For the best effect choose a song that clashes with your first song. Choose something that no one would expect but make sure you really like the song too. In this section you can either dance to either one song or several.

Part 3 - The end

Go back to the song you danced to in Part 1, as this creates a dream sequence, in a 'did that really happen' sort of way. You can start the music where you ended Part 1, or a point of the song near the end, but don't start the music from the beginning again as the humour won't be as effective.