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Bespoke wedding dancing lessons at home
wedding dancing lessons

Our wedding dance lessons ensure your first dance will be the best dance of your life. Dancing in front of everyone you know can be a worry, so we will guide you every step of the way, boosting your confidence whilst teaching you to dance. Life is busy, so our private wedding dance classes are scheduled to suit you. For your convenience one of our experts can even teach you in the comfort of your own home, or another location of your choice.

Wedding dance lessons scheduled to suit your lifestyle
wedding dance lessons

Every lesson was great fun and we were always laughing. Learning a dance was one of the best things we did, as it meant we didn't stress about it. Dancing on the day was so much fun, we just forgot about everyone else and enjoyed the moment for the two of us.

Katie & Tom from Balham, London danced to
Brooklyn Bridge by Lee DeWyze

Professional first wedding dance choreography
wedding dance choreography
father daughter wedding dance

Father daughter wedding dance

Celebrate a fathers role on his daughters wedding day, with a special dance. Our private lessons are available nationwide and no dance experience is required to learn a wonderful father and daughter wedding dance. A great way for a girl and her Dad to show their love for each other. 

wedding entrance dance

Wedding dance entrance

A wedding entrance dance is a joyful and entertaining way to start your wedding day. Make it memorable with a bespoke dance down the aisle with your wedding party. Our wedding choreography is suitable for all abilities and available nationwide.

funny wedding dance surprise

Funny wedding dance surprise

Learn an amazing funny choreographed performance to shock your reception! We have inspirational and amusing song ideas, for a fantastic funny wedding dance surprise. No dance experience is required and wedding dancing classes are on dates and times that suit you.

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Wedding dancing lessons to suit your lifestyle

As the leading national wedding dance specialist, we teach hundreds of couples to dance each year. So we know that wedding planning whilst getting on with everyday life means you are BUSY. It's hectic, yet exciting, but mad. Therefore, we try to make your life a little easier by making it possible to schedule your first dance lessons around your lifestyle - whether you want evenings or daytime, weekdays or weekends.

It is really important that your first dance is about you, so we only offer private lessons. Right from the start, the sole focus of your wedding specific tuition is getting you prepared for your dance, whilst having a ton of fun along the way. For your comfort, convenience and to save your travel time, one of our dance teachers will teach you in the comfort of your own home. Unless you don't want lessons at home, in which case they can teach you in a location of your choice. All of our dance teachers are qualified, experienced and professionally insured. Working with adults who are brand new to dance is something they understand completely, so they have a friendly and patient teaching style and they LOVE teaching wedding dance!

First dance lessons for bespoke wedding choreography

We love creating and teaching couples their very own, unique wedding choreography. We understand the importance of looking your best on your wedding day, which is why each dance is bespoke, tailor made to perfectly suit your ability and music choice, making your first dance the very best it can be. Some of our customers tell us they have no rhythm and two left feet. Others say they have absolutely no dance experience and are complete beginners. Occasionally couples have danced in the past, sometimes one partner has danced a lot more than the other. We have taught people with disabilities and medical conditions. We are happy to work with EVERYONE regardless of ability, nerves or left-footed-ness. Our lessons move at your pace, resulting in wedding choreography that suits your song, natural style and ability. It won't be too difficult and will suit you perfectly, so you can enjoy dancing on your big day feeling confident, relaxed and most importantly happy!