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Taking to the dance floor for the first time as a married couple, with all your friends and family around you, is a moment you will remember forever. There is nothing more romantic than dancing with the person you love and we pride ourselves on teaching hundreds of couples each year their own unique wedding dance choreography 


During your wedding dance classes you will learn a bespoke dance to your choice of wedding dance song.
Your dance will suit your natural style and ability, so you can enjoy dancing on your big day feeling confident, relaxed and comfortable. When it comes to dance lessons, wedding nerves can start to show themselves, especially if you haven't danced together previously.  If the thought of dancing in front of your guests gives you palpitations then wedding dance classes are definitely for you, as our experienced and professional dance teachers will show you how to dance together and enjoy it! 


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As a leading national wedding dance specialist we pride ourselves on creating the perfect wedding dance experience. We appreciate that wedding planning is a hectic time, so our booking system is simple and quick. 


A special dance to celebration a father's role on his daughter's wedding day.


Our private father daughter wedding dance lessons are available nationwide and no dance experience is required to learn a wonderful dance.


daughter father wedding dance


Dancing Down The Aisle is a joyful way to start your wedding day. Make a memorable entrance with bespoke
wedding entrance dance
choreography to any song you choose.


Wedding entrance dance


Shock your reception and take dance lessons for a
surprise wedding dance
plus song ideas and inspiration. 


No dance experience is required and lessons are on dates and times that suit you.



funny first dance

Professionally choreographed

wedding dances nationwide


Dance lessons nationwide


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